Live Streaming & Webcasting Services

Live Streaming & Webcasting

Shepard AV provides live streaming and webcasting services for conferences, meetings, live events, tradeshows, and specialty functions.

Extend Your Event Reach

Whether you’re opting for a hybrid event or a full virtual conference, our live streaming and webcasting services make sure your live event reaches the broadest audience. We provide the equipment, software, and technical management to broadcast your message globally in an instant. Our live streaming and webcasting services are an easy-to-implement solution that can fit the needs of all budgets, depending on business objectives.


A virtual conference experience can be as visually impactful as the live event. We provide lighting, staging, sound, and environment design services to ensure the viewer stays visually engaged during any webcast or live stream. Graphic opportunities can be weaved into set designs and hosting platforms to generate sponsorship revenue.

Full-service Management

We have the entire scope of your streaming or webcasting under control. Our technicians are onsite to operate your live stream and troubleshoot any technical issues that arise, ensuring a worry-free experience every step of the way. We also provide the right equipment, which is critical for supporting a disruption-free audience experience.

Hosting Solutions

There are a variety of hosting solutions for webcasting and streaming live events. We consult with your team to understand your objectives and provide recommendations to reach your audience. Hosting solutions vary from dedicated, private hosting platforms to public social platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

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