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5 Event Technologies That Add The Wow Factor

All great events have those memorable moments that make you say, “Wow!”


Steve Jobs’ engaging product launches, Super Bowl wardrobe malfunctions and the Tupac hologram at Coachella all surprised people and burned those events into people’s minds. As a conference organizer, you strive to create experiences like these that will stick with people.


Technology can be your greatest ally when trying to add this wow factor. New technology has the ability to captivate people and give them experiences they want to tell their friends about. With modern AV tech, you can give your conference attendees something to really talk about.


3D Projection Mapping
This technology allows you to cast projections on 3D objects and irregular surfaces to create jaw-dropping effects. You can tear apart a building as a T. rex erupts from the windows.


10 Tips For Choosing Fresh, Relevant Speakers and Energizing Entertainment

Fresh, relevant speakers and energizing entertainment are two of your best ways to deliver what your attendees want from your conference or event. According to the ICCA, PCMA, and MPI, the top reasons people attend are:


  1. To gain information and learn
  2. Networking with new and old friends
  3. Sharing experiences


Attendees come for the active experiences and to learn. Speakers who can connect with your audiences on a personal and professional level provide both information and experiences. Well-chosen professional entertainment transforms networking into a shared experience and positive memories.


Before You Start Searching

Here are some key questions you should answer before searching for a guest speaker.


  • What are your key goals and objectives for the event?
  • What are the audience’s key goals and objectives?


Finding the Best Speaker for Your Association

The right speaker can help change an average conference or event into a memorable one. A bored audience can instead feel honored, challenged, informed and inspired. You might think of a well-chosen guest speaker as the exclamation point to the content provided by your executives or presenters. Plus, he or she can help attract more attendees.


Finding an Amazing, Magical Guest Speaker

But how do you find this fantastic, magical guest speaker? Before you start searching YouTube, you need to do some homework. Just as you prepare for all of the content and presentations on the agenda, here are some key speaker questions you should answer first.


1. What are your key goals and objectives of the conference or event?

2. What are the audience’s key goals and objectives?

3. What topics,


It’s Time to Get Passionate About Audience Engagement

Engagement is one of those nebulous terms like Passion. Everyone wants it but can’t agree what it really is. Just like passion, you can feel audience engagement if it’s there and you know when it’s gone.


Engagement is a relationship about a specific thing for a specific time. It’s involvement, commitment, and personalization.


The big secret to building engagement is you can’t assume anything. Event participants are people and they change. The key is to determine what they need, expect, and value. Then do everything you can to create event experiences that align with those expectations. It really doesn’t matter if it’s their first conference or their 20th – the strategy is the same. People are engaged “about” something or “in” something that interests them at a particular point in time.